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I found these, today.

I love it when pictures just say it all.





Stunningly Gorgeously Annoyingly Beautiful. :@

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I am such a jealous person. Like seriously. When I look at everybody’s certain people’s Facebook albums, and see their sense of style and the way everything about them is simply born-to-be-a-model-ish, it really really gets to me. It’s so irritating!

She’s skinny. She wears tops that show that. A lot.

She’s got amazing hair. She styles it to perfection.

She’s intelligent. I can tell by the way she talks.

She’s kind and modest. And really popular with like, everybody.

She’s overly pretty. Everybody knows that. She could be a model if she went to an agency and clicked her fingers (If she was a bit taller). Her style is unique and brave, yet she pulls it off with so much ease.


So those are the pros. Cons? She smokes. A bit, I suppose. And they’re like crazy alcohol lovers, I think. Like “Oh I downed the rest of the wine and ran before the police came”. Like, maan you’re cool.

Know what’s annoying?

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When it’s Summer, and all of my friends are on holiday except for one person and she’s going through this constant I-can’t-be-bothered phase so basically, in the first two glorious weeks of Summer, I’ve done about 4 things. Quite frankly, I’m not satisfied.

She said the other day that we were going to go out and we almost arranged to go to the cinema until she changed her mind because of the cost involved, but the next day when I called her, as promised, she comes out with the “I just want to relax today”. But to be honest, I’ve been doing that for two weeks and it’s not really going too well for me. All I do is wake up at 11am, eat eat eat, spend 11 hours sitting here on my laptop (with the occasional bounce on the trampoline) and then go to bed at 1am, far too late. Right now, I want to go shopping more. We’ve already been Lakeside and Bluewater, and I am in great debt to my mother, but I still want more! So far this Summer has been pretty bad almost a complete waste of time. Not that I’m wishing away my holidays or anything, but what have you done so far this Summer? Alot more than I have, I expect.

Somebody, whisk me away to happiness?

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I seriously type too much. In a way, though, this  is a pretty good trait, because there’s always something to talk about, whether it’s something keyboard-grippingly interesting, or just the fact that there’s nothing to talk about. Oh, and recently I’ve acquired some new “words”. You know, like, ‘Yeah that’s my new word’. So they are… snazzy, jazzy, and suave. Swave? Swarrrve? I really don’t know how to spell it. Oh, and on a good day, possibly swarvay might also be in my commonly used vocabulary.

OK so much for my “I type too much” take on life. I just stopped typing for, what, 1 hour 40 minutes? Oh, good one.


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Well like I said, I’m posting again on the same day. I’ve literally been on this computer for over 10 hours, none stop. Why? God knows. So, at the moment, I’m trying to single-handedly decipher the key to internet fame, and how to get it. So far, I’ve gathered that it’s all about luck and basically, getting in first. For example, one girl got featured on Youtube because she was probably the first person to vlog about the last Harry Potter book, and that’s pretty popular. Anyway, I’ve done nothing that could really get me my slice of “internet fame”- I highly doubt that a single person reads this blog.

I’ve just realised that I haven’t really said anything that describes what type of person I am, so I’m going to list some stuff that sums me up. Sort of.

  • I really like food. I don’t eat because I’m hungry, I eat because I like the taste. So basically, I really should watch it this Summer.
  • I tend to care about what other people think of me, even if I know that they’re being stupid or if they’re actually wrong. I’d rather have friends than haters.
  • I like tea. I like photography.I like music. I like making videos. I found this random youtube account called www.youtube.com/user/buttcakesforyou. It really made  me laugh- the kinda stuff that is worth watching. I suppose it would be better if you knew the person before watching any of the (three) videos, but whatever, it’s internet gold, man!
  • I like to read, sometimes. I have to be in the mood for it. I don’t really understand how people can be so addicted to books like Harry Potter and the Twilight saga. I’m half way through New Moon and I have been for at least half a year. I’d have to be really really bored to pick a book up, to be honest. Unless it was something I really fancied. Magazine, anyone?
  • I like animals. This all sounds a bit cliche cliche, but what more is there to people? There’s not really anything that makes me too different from anybody else. If I met myself I’d probably never speak to me again because I’d think I was a boring old cowpat. Like, maybe.

Maybe one day I’ll think of something really interesting to write about?

Yeah, I promise.

So I’ve got a new blog.

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Seems pretty cool, really. The reason I’ve made this blog is because all my past ones haven’t been enough, and I don’t think I’ve got the guts to vlog and show my face to the entire world, on a regular basis. I’m also not that good at talking, but when I’m typing it just flows.

At the moment, there’s a photoshoot going on downstairs in my house, so I’m not allowed to interfere. Basically, I’m stuck in my room, where I have been for the past 5 hours. As you can probably guess, I’m very bored. So that’s why I’ve made a blog. Prepare for me to babble on for paragraphs and paragraphs about everything from what I’ve been up to so far in Summer to more deep, philosophical things like where I want to get to in life. Whatever I say, I’m pretty much certain you’ll be bored to your wits end.

First of all, I’ve recently noticed that I’m not that happy in general. So far in Summer, I’ve probably done about 3 differeng things, which involve doing chores at a stable (seriously, it was like a minefield, but with poo), and going to the cinema twice. I feel that it’s really been a waste of my holiday, but I’m sure things will begin to look up. However, as I look around me, all I see is mess and junk and a plate of crumbs and leftover fruit. Everything seems to be such a waste! I really want to find a way to give myself a bit of meaning- like when people are so popular on Youtube that it’s all they do, and people really love them for it. I wish I could have something like that… it’s not that I want to be famous, in a sense, it’s just that the feeling of being wanted by so many people for just being yourself and venting your thoughts is probably quite remarkable x)

Another reason why I’m not to happy about myself is because some people really have it all- confidence, talent and beauty. Some of these girls you see on Youtube singing are really amazing and really gorgeous too, which I really don’t think is fair. They get all that. What do I get? It’s irritating how there’s nothing I can do about any of this, too. Agh.

I also realised today that I haven’t listened to NeverShoutNever in about a month, and he is a little key to happiness so that might also be effecting my psychological health and well-being. Yeah, hearing that.. “If it’s not those cowboy boots in the Summer,” makes me feel a bit better. But still, more beauty and talent all mixed together in one person. Irritation! Okay, reading all this back sounds really stupid. I’m talking quite posh. Like, for me I am. But none of you know me, so don’t worry, actually.

So, from this post, you can probably gather that I babble about nothing too much, I get jealous easily, music is the key to happiness and that you are bored. Don’t I seem like an interesting person?

If you’ve actually read this, I’d love to talk to you. Thanks, that’s it for now, but I’m sure I’ll post again later. Maybe I’ll be a bit more interesting? This blogging thing is pretty addictive.